Vendor info

Become a vendor on Kirkland's biggest day

Celebrate Kirkland is brought to you by the Kirkland Downtown Association. 

Wednesday, July 4th - Vendor Set up 6am - 9am at Marina Park.  Roads will close at 9:30 with no access after.  Parade starts at 11:30 and runs to approximately 1:15pm.  Picnic in the park from immediately after the parade until the fireworks show at 10:00pm.  Early breakdown is allowed after 5:00pm until 8:30pm.  Crowds will make breakdown between 8:30 and 10:15 impossible. 

Vendors are assigned a designated space prior to the event.  Vendors are fully responsible for providing set up, take down, staffing their own booth, including all necessary canopies, tables, chairs, power cords, power cord safety, tent weights, fire extinguishers and displays.  Tent weights are required (25 pounds per leg).  Emergency tent weights may be rented for $100 at the event, and must be returned.  In addition, water based fire extinguishers are required for any vendor with heating elements or fire.    Vendor is responsible for assuring ALL garbage and litter is disposed of and the area is returned to same condition upon arrival.  Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to participate in all KDA events. 

Vendor application fees are non-refundable.   Vendors may sign up for a wait list if maximum number is reached.  Premium vendor locations are available for an additional fee. 

No alcoholic beverages, television, loud music or 'hawking' allowed.  Advertising is limited to your booth space, so rovers may not hand out flyers or merchandise outside your booth.  Signage is limited to one identifying sign on your booth with the business name listed on this application. 

Vendors must provide us with a certificate of insurance, and required health permits.  The Hold Harmless section of this application must be reviewed and completion of the application confirms agreement